• Foundation are made with RCC pillars upto parapet wall level and beam upto basement belt level chamber bricks.


First quality chamber bricks with RCC pillars.


Doors & Windows

All doors, windows & frames are by teak wood.

Flooring (Marble / Granite / Vertified Tile)

(2 ¾”x 2 ¾”) (4x2 ¾”) Branded joint free verified digital tiles.



UPVC Finolex Pipes & Fittings


Finolex pipes for toilet & bathroom outlet
JAQWAR closset & flush volve.
Finolex – SWR Door type fittings



  • Wood polish for all doors & windows.
  • Wall putty for interior walls
  • Write cement & emulsion paint for interior & exterior walls.


  • Kitchen – Cooking platform with Granite & wall with glozed ceramic files.
  • Bathroom – Wall tiles upto roof level.
  • Portico – Colorful verified tile.


  • All wirings with Finolex & quality
  • All electrical pipes & filtings are branded vercun plastics.


  • MDF Lamination sheet & mica with stainless steel profile finished for all bedroom wardrobes.
  • MDF camination sheet & mica with stainless steel profile finishe (or) fingerjoint solid wood.


To make our customer benefited, the payments are divides in the following terms,

  • Basement
  • Lintell level
  • Door Frame & Window frames and grill
  • Roof level
  • Plastering
  • Flooring & Tiles
  • Electical & Plumbing works
  • Finishing

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